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AQA Exampro

Responsive Web / Mobile Application

AQA's Exampro and Carve worked together to create their new digital assessment platform. Their product now gives greater clarity and transparency to their profession through easy-to-digest visuals and data.

Teachers now have a powerful tool to help them better their students' chances of success. Students too are able to work with assessment results to understand how they can improve.

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Time Relocation

Responsive Web / Mobile Application

TIME's business allows large corporations to manage the relocation of their employees. Their product leverages cutting-edge technology to do all the heavy lifting.

The end-goal was to have software adopted by end-users; the employees involved in the relocation. Attention to detail was crucial and we focused on simplifying a complex process into something that users love working with.

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Marine Stores Guide

Data Management Platform & API

We worked with Momentum to help bring The Marine Stores Guide into the digital era. We engineered a data management platform and RESTful API for over 40,000 products.

The platform opens up a wealth of opportunities for IMPA to create partnerships with leading shipping retailers. It allows access to their entire product range via a digital feed with each sale benefiting individual suppliers.

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